No matter how complex your Engagement Issues are, any and all decisions regarding them will happen at one of three Cultural Intersections; Intake, Interaction or Investment. Our process helps you to identify which intersection you are presently at, and how to safely navigate through it.


Any time you are engaging someone new, you are making an Intake decision. Here we are assessing fit relative to Culture and Competence. We must TARGET those who fit both. Those who fit Culture yet lack Competence must be TRAINED. Those with Competence yet who will not fit Culture at best can only ever be TOLERATED, while we must TOSS the idea of allowing those who fit neither Culture nor Competence into our ecosystem. This structure is used for ALL Intake decisions, prospective Employee and prospective Client alike.


Interaction decisions are made every minute of every day. Here we measure Consciousness and Capacity. If you have full Capacity to complete your work and are fully Conscious of it, you are DELIVERING. If you lack Capacity, yet are Conscious of that fact, you can still DECIDE to improve. It is when you fall below Consciousness that you DELAY (you are unaware of how much Capacity you actually have and thus pull up short) or you DESTROY (you are unaware of how little Capacity you have and push too hard). Your fit, and the fit of those around you, relative to Culture and Competence are the two biggest Triggers of your Consciousness and Capacity.


Perhaps most crucial of all are Investment decisions; how much more should you be willing to put into any relationship? Here we measure Performance and Potential. Those who have both require MOBILITY. Those who are Performing yet at their ceiling regarding Potential must be MAINTAINED. Those who are under-Performing yet have Potential to improve must be effectively MANAGED, while it is imperative that we MOVE ON from those who lack both Performance and Potential. As with Intake decisions, both Employees and Clients must be analyzed using this structure.


With engagement, time is of the essence and we’ve just given you a way to measure it. The higher quality Intake decisions you make regarding Employees and Clients at the top, will impact how often you are triggered during your Interaction in the middle. Increased awareness and ability during Interaction, allows more data and opportunity to flow through. This in turn allows for better Investment decisions and a better business.

Now turn it over.

Those Investment decisions that built a better business, lead to even more awareness of who you serve and ability to deliver to them during future Interactions. It also refines your criteria at Intake, further refining the Culture and Competence required to scale up. Every “turn of the clock” leads to increased engagement and growth.


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