States of Matter…Matter to the State of Sales

States of Matter…Matter to the State of Sales

  You are a Sales Professional and outside of those of you who are an Engineer or Technician turned Sales Professional, you are probably like me in the sense that paying attention in science class was never at the top of your list of priorities. You were more...

My Wallet’s Too Small For My Hundreds

  38 Minutes. That is how long it took me to launch my first company.  In reality it took a few weeks to actually come up with a name, file the incorporation documents, find an office, design a logo, create a business plan, etc. but I consider the “launch” of the...

Not Designed To Delegate

  I want you to picture a person. This person is a man. He is 40 years old. He is 5’9” and weighs just under 170lbs. What would happen if you put this person in at left tackle on your favourite football team? I’m thinking your quarterback would wind up on the...

Trading Strength For Weakness

“Be careful what you wish for or you just might get it”. Sage advice, especially for the client below.   We all have strengths. We also all have weaknesses. What is lost on the majority of leaders prior to consulting with us is the fact that these are...

Data Is The New Oil

Data Is The New Oil, But Do You Know What To Extract? In 2014, Google purchased Nest Labs and their innovative “smart” thermostat for $3.2 Billion. That’s pretty impressive if not even a bit absurd given that sales for Nest have barely broken $300 million annually....

Go Get Becky A Coffee

Learn How A Single Cup Of Coffee, And The 500ft Round Trip To Get It, Potentially Saved A Company Millions Of Dollars.   Have you ever gotten someone a coffee? Sure you have. Has getting someone a coffee ever been the single most important, potentially...

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